DSV 3.0 - Features & Options

DesignScape Visualizer is free and allows access for homeowners, contractors and design professionals to design, layout and visualize a project space using Cambridge Pavingstone products and solutions.

Photo Upload

You can upload a photo of your project area or space (backyard, patio, driveway, etc.) to design and incorporate Cambrigde Pavingstone products into your photo to create a visual.

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Save, Print & Email Designs

Your final project designs can easily be Saved, Printed or Emailed so you can share with, or provide to homeowners, contractors or Cambridge distributors for review.

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Product Selector

Access our easy "Click-n-Add" product selector with a variety of Pavingstone Systems, Wallstone Systems and Outdoor Living Solutions available from Cambridge.

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Project Product Estimate

Create a product manifest that lists all the selected products used in creating your design. This will be helpful in estimating the cost of your project.

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Easy User Options

You can quickly and easily design and layout your project. It allows you to create and save multiple projects and to compare before and after images as well. It's free to use and provides the benefit of allowing you to see a project's end result ahead of time.

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Unlimited Projects

You can start and create as many projects as you like. All features and options are free and available for your use. There is no limit to the designs and projects you can create.

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